White House Office of Digital Strategy

Pitching, filming, editing videos @potus @whitehouse

This past summer, I interned on the design and video team of Office of Digital Strategy. I learned how to operate a camera, assisting the filming of POTUS remarks, events, and more. I assisted in editing short-form videos that contributed to over 23 million views across Instagram and X. 


All in all, I led editing on 17 videos. The following are some of my lead projects that I’m most proud of— the Emmett Till and Mamie Till-Mobley Monument video is being played at the Emmett Till Interpretive Center, and the branding I designed for the first “Elevator Pitch” video is being used for the rest of the series. More video samples are available upon request. 

James Webb Telescope
@potus | 2.9M IG views
CHIPS and Science Act anniversary
@potus | 1.1M IG views
Emmett Till Monument
@potus | 1.2M IG views
Extreme heat briefing recap
@potus | 755k IG views
“Elevator Pitch” explainer
@whitehouse | 230k IG views
Lowering health costs
@whitehouse | 70k IG views